Welcome to my twisted little world.


Well, if you have found your way here you must be a lover of all things horror! which is always a good thing. Who am I? Well, I am Goatboy and I love to draw nasty things. I have been interested in horror for most of my life and have been drawing and sculpting for years now and never grow tired of it, much to my wifes chagrin. My main claim to fame is doing a quick zombie picture for the multiple Bram Stoker Award winning author Jonathan Maberry, who as a thankyou will kill me and ressurect me as a zombie in his forthcoming zombie novel!!!  I am was also honoured to be asked by Mr Maberry to participate in his Big Scary Blog  ( http://jonathanmaberry.com/) with other ‘erosion artists’. High praise indeed for a novice like myself, so thankyou Jonathan!

    The artist David Naughton-Shires convinced me to put up a blog showcasing my work…and here it is. The majority of zombies are authors from the wonderful Library Of The Living Dead, founded by the fantastic Dr Pus. (www.libraryofthelivingdead.lefora.com  if you wanna go take a peep!) Anyway, enough waffle for now…on with the show….enjoy!

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3 Responses to Welcome to my twisted little world.

  1. These are amazing! Damn skippy you should be zombified in a Maberry novel! Very talented and congrats!

  2. Yep…zombified and currently slaughtering your way through central Pennsylvania as a ravenous member of the living dead.

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